What Is A Metal Print?

Metal prints or Metal artwork is a type of decorative art, usually printed on aluminum or steel sheets that contain design expressions created by artists. They are one of the many mediums chosen for decorative photo printing.

Our technology, dedication and professionalism have been trusted by publishers for over 20 years. Behind every product, there is a team of seasoned professionals taking great care of every step.
Our craftspeople have come a long way and perfected the art of traditional and digital printing. Unlike automated factories, our team creates your print every step of the way. This means quality is maintained—from printing to packaging.

Are Metal Prints Worth It?

  • Embossed engraving printing

Walland’s embossed engraving printing techniques are different from the normal printing. Using these techniques, we can emboss the deep color image under the gray level of the picture, laying white ink before coloring the whole metal plate and then filling in the colored ink, to present a more realistic and three-dimensional metal plate, which provides you with brilliant visual enjoyment.

  • Double-sided inkjet printing

We will produce the double-sided metal plate with the inkjet printing. It brings you double enjoyment in the artwork. Experience the different feelings when you display the other side of the plate.

  • Wide-gamut RGB

We use the wide-gamut RGB for inkjet printing. This gamut is much wider than CMYK and can produce a more realistic plate as if you are seeing the real thing. It also makes the metal plate more colorful.

  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic pigments

The pigments we choose are environmentally friendly and non-toxic and are suitable for using in schools and hospitals. Customers can use them without any worry.

  • Simple installation

The metal plate can be hung on the wall by using the magnet and 3M removable tape, which will not leave any trace on the wall.

How Long do Metal Prints Last?

Compared to other printing materials, metal prints are durable and not easy to fade. The plate can be expected to last for decades and can look as good as new.

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