Things To Consider With Metal Print

  • Things To Consider With Metal Print
30 Sep 2022

Things To Consider With Metal Print

There are various types and ways to finish the metal print. Walland produces a metal print by using a UV inkjet printer. UV inkjet printer is one of the high-tech full-color digital printers. There is no limit on the printing materials and the risk of mistakes that may affect the quality of the plate in manual production is reduced.

Walland offers a wide range of materials, various sizes, and utilizes exceptional three-dimensional metal print production techniques. Coupled with their high-quality custom metal print services, they can create the perfect metal prints tailored to your preferences. Order now


    2023-07-27 16:57:38
    我見到你哋網址裏面嘅圖片有幅Mj嘅金屬畫 想問下個價錢大約幾錢 Thx

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