You are not obliged to provide Walland with your personal data. However, such provision is necessary so as to enable Walland to provide you with the services or products which you are requested.


The purposes for which your personal data (including : name, telephone number and email address) may be used are as follows:

1. the daily operation of the services and products provided to you;

2.  research services or products;

3. meeting the requirements to make disclosure under the requirement of any law binding on Walland;

4. informing you of any member benefits for Walland members; and

5. any purposes relating to above.


Your personal data held by Walland shall be kept confidential but Walland may provide such information to any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunications, market research, computer, payment or other services to Walland in connection with the operation of its business;


You are entitled to request access to data held by Walland about you or your account and to update or correct such data. If you no longer wish to receive Electronic Messages from Walland, please login to your online account and change your account info; or click the unsubscribe link at our promotional emails to opt-out.


If you have any query, please contact us as email: [email protected]


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