Mounting instructions


Clean the wall, and make sure the wall is dry.


Take the 3M removable tape.


Stick the magnet on the wall for 12 hours to make the magnet stickier and more durable.


Attach the metal plate to the magnet on the wall after 12 hours.


1. DO NOT use on wallpaper, delicate painted surfaces or porous surfaces. May not adhere well to vinyl surfaces. In order to avoid danger of falling due to improper use.

2. Please hang the metal plate in a dry place. Even though the tape has a strong adhesive, exposure to high humidity for a long time may reduce its adhesiveness.

3. For indoor use only. Apply to surfaces between 10°C-40°C. Wait a minimum of 28 days after painting to apply.

4. Please don’t tear the 3M removable tape or move it to another place as it may reduce the adhesiveness of the tape, increasing the risk that the plate may fall. It is recommended that you use the new 3M removable tape when you move the plate to another place.

5. Hold object while removing the strip. If not certain with the holding power of painted surface, please test at a hidden area.

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