Process and Techniques of Metal Prints

  • Process and Techniques of Metal Prints
12 Jul 2023

Process and Techniques of Metal Prints

Metal prints are a unique and captivating medium in photography, combining the durability and sheen of metal materials with the visual expressiveness of photography. Here are the production process and relevant technical details of metal prints:

When creating metal prints, special attention needs to be given to the characteristics and reflectivity of the metal material. Choosing suitable subjects and scenes and utilizing lighting and composition techniques are essential for creating attractive images. Using high-quality photography equipment and lenses can capture more details and colors, which is crucial for the quality of metal prints.

Post-processing plays a key role in the production process of metal prints. Digital image processing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, is commonly used for adjustments and editing. This includes fine-tuning brightness, contrast, tone, saturation, and more to achieve the best visual effects. Additionally, image retouching, noise reduction, and adjustments to the image's size and resolution can also be done.

The printing process for metal prints is a crucial step that differs from traditional photographic printing methods. Metal prints typically utilize a technique called "metal printing." This technique directly prints digital images onto the surface of metal materials, giving the images a metallic texture and sheen. Walland's double-sided metal UV jet printing technology is an example of such a technique.

The production process of metal prints may vary depending on different manufacturers and techniques. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable producer or studio and understand their techniques and production processes before proceeding with metal print production.

Walland offers a wide range of materials, various sizes, and utilizes exceptional three-dimensional metal print production techniques. Coupled with their high-quality custom metal print services, they can create the perfect metal prints tailored to your preferences. Order now

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