How can I register an account on Walland?

Please click “Account” on the home page, access the "Account login" page, and then click “Continue” on the New Customer column. Fill in your personal information and set the password to finish the registration process. You can start shopping now.

How can I change my password?

Please click “Account” on the home page, access “My Account” page, and click “reset password.

What can I do if I forget the password?

Click “Forgotten password” on the login page. The system will ask you to verify the account by sending a code to your email address or phone number. Use that code to reset the password.

How can I change the email address?

Please click “Account” on the home page, access “My Account” page, and click “Edit your account information” to change your email address.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletters?

Please click “Account” on the home page, access “My Account” page, and click “Subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletters.”


How can I hang a metal plate on a wall?

We will provide a magnet and 3M removable tape that you can use to hang the metal plate on your wall.

Are the pigments used in the metal plate safe?

The pigments we use are environmentally friendly and non-toxic and are suitable to be used in schools and hospitals. Customers can use them without any worry.

How long does the color of the product last?

The metal plate is made by the UV inkjet printer. The materials of the metal plate, such as alloys and stainless steel, are durable. It can last for decades and will not fade.



Return Policy

There is no refund on the product, if you receive a defective product or face some unexpected problem. Please contact Walland via the email address within 14 days, with the picture of the product, and briefly describe the problem. The customer service will handle your case as soon as possible. Once we find that the product is defective, we will reproduce the product and deliver the new one to you.

Safe Wall Magnet Mounting Instructions



The manufacturing process of the product takes around 10 working days. Shipping to Hong Kong takes around 2-3 working days; the overseas shipping, around 3-4 working days. The shipping time of the product will be extended if there are some force majeure factors, such as bad weather or pandemic. We will pronounce it on time. Thank you for your kindest understanding.

Remark: Monday to Friday are the working days; Saturday, Sunday and public holiday are not included in it

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