Turn the wonderful things in your memories into stylish and durable artwork

Michael, the founder of Walland, had rich experience in the business of printing and color management. Inspired by his son Mark, he had an idea to produce a metal plate. He hoped to recreate the precious memories and show the images to others.

Mark traveled to many countries and saw a lot of things, including natural scenes, an ancient castle, street performances, and also a museum. Those wonderful scenes were imprinted on his mind. We tried to recreate those scenes in many different forms, such as photos, paintings, and photo books. However, the normal planography could not show how brilliant an image was.

Michael and Mark discuss how to make a painting by using metal materials and finish the ideal blueprint of a metal plate step by step:

Embossed printing: The ancient castle in Europe or even the hair of pets always look within easy reach with embossed printing.

Embossed Printing

The ancient castle in Europe or even the hair of pets always look within easy reach with embossed printing.

Vibrant Color

Inkjet printers produce images by using wide-gamut RGB, bringing out the extraordinary splendor.

Double Enjoyment

Double-sided engraving printing makes it easy to change the picture you want to display.

Simple Assembly And Disassembly

The assembly or disassembly of the product is damage-free and will not leave a trace on the wall. This is suitable for Hong Kong citizens’ living environment.

With Mark’s ambition, we decided to use these techniques with craftsman spirit and started Walland.

Our mission

Make the dull life more colorful

We believe that producing the metal print for customers wholeheartedly can make the dull life more colorful for urbanites. We have a rich material library and various sizes to choose in order to customize the most suitable metal plate for our customers.

With rich experience in printing and color management, we have a professional team to ensure the quality of the product and supervise the process from printing to packaging. We aim to provide the perfect metal plate for our customers. You can decorate your rooms by capturing wonderful memories. It will give you a high-quality life and will surprise those who learn about the metal plate for the first time.

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